NU08 All-In-One BIAB™

5, 6, 7, NU08. Introducing a vibrant pink All-In-One BIAB™, inspired by best-selling Baby. A strong 3-in-1 system, designed to be used with DesignEx Pro™ extensions for fool-proof French manis.

  • Revolutionary self-levelling soak-off builder gel with built-in primer and base
  • Medium viscosity BIAB™ with 50% less HEMA than Original formula
  • Create strong and durable overlays or as a protective strengthening barrier for natural nails that supports nail growth
  • Multipurpose formula: base, builder gel AND top coat
  • The only gel product required to apply DesignEx Pro™
  • Use as the nail colour or finish with a gel colour
  • LED and UV curable
  • 100% gel system

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