About TGB

Like many professional nail technicians, my passion for nails started in the spare room of my home, having gained experience managing my mother’s full-service salon since the age of 15.

Through blending art, colour, technical ability and a passion for this industry, I was able to grow not only as a businesswoman but as an artist and innovator.

My vision has always been to create a brand that was unrivalled in terms of offering the highest quality products that delivered the best value for money for my customers.
It took years of research and development but in 2015, The GelBottle was born.

Roll on five years, we have gone from wholesaling product out of an office attached to my then salon to a business led from a Global Head Office in Brighton employing over 100 staff, is operational across 30 countries globally and is seen as an industry leader & innovator amongst my peers.

We have painted over 2 billion nails since the brands inception and you will regularly see TGB on the nails of the world’s most influential celebrities from the Kardashian sisters to Katy Perry and J-Lo. In fact it’s hard to know which celebrities haven’t used TGB!

Although I know, that none of this would have been possible without you - our customer, who has continually championed both me and the brand over these past five years. Your support and passion for the brand makes coming to work and continually building this brand a total pleasure.